Our story

Since 1937
Our company has been operating since 1937 in the industrial field as an automatic turnery for the creation of precision metal minutia and, as it owns technologically advanced equipment, it can satisfy every possible kind of requirement for the automobile industry, for hydraulic components and for pneumatic components, as well as producing a wide range of ball bearings made according to Customer drawings.

What we are today

Development of the company
The entire group reaches a total average turnover of approximately 13-15 million/Euro per year, and supplies to prestigious customers for the respective supply of tooling to VW, Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Volvo, Caterpillar, John Deere and many more car manufacturers.

The operative department has multi-mandrel automatic lathes (also known as CNC) that allow for the execution of special elements of variable diameters and hexagons, ranging from 4 to 100 millimetres, which can be collected and finished thanks to the use of rectifiers for outdoor use and rectifiers for indoor use, milling machines and assembly plants; a washing and superficial finishing department carries out all new requests, according to the most complex specifications of particle size cleaning.

All elements are manufactured using certified quality materials that are also subject to a statistical control process, according to the norms Iso 9001/2008. Many SPC stations, as well as optical and 3D electronic control in the metrological room, also guarantee high precision characteristics of the product provided.

The level of equipment used, together with qualified and specialised personnel, represents the grounds for constant growth on the global market for the supply in large quantities of precision elements.